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Smooth Align Hitch/JCA Circle Cutting Attachment/Dolfin Carrier
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Trailer Hitches
Smooth Align Hitch Sets

Stinger (Ball Mount), Pin, Ball, Smooth Align Plate, & Allen Wrench.

Sizes Available

5000 lbs- $49.99
7500 lbs- $59.99

12000 lbs- $69.69

Shipping and Handling Costs

You can put your trust in Smooth Align.  This coupler attachment that will simplify hooking up any trailer.  With this new product you will no longer have to spend time trying to line your towing vehicle with the trailer.  Get within a few inches of the hitch ball, lower the trailer coupler and the Smooth Align will center the hitch ball into place.  

Catch 5 fish without ever pulling the downrigger weight!!
With the Dolfin Carrier, you'll catch up to 5 fish without pulling the downrigger weight.  The Dolfin Carrier works with every type of downrigger, attaches easily, and is made to last.  You can get down to any depth you place the downrigger weight.  When the fish strikes, the Dolfin Carrier drops to the landing plate resting on the downrigger weight, just haul in the fish and rebait, place another Dolfin Carrier on the line and let your line out.  The Dolfin Carrier saves time between pulling the downrigger weight and letting out again.  Think of the fish you could have brought back in less time. 
Without the Dolfin Carrier
it is necessary to reel up the downrigger weight every time a fish would strike in order to attach the lure and bait and release again.
With the Dolfin Carrier, a fish strikes, the Dolfin Carrier releases and settles on to the landing plate,rebait, attach Dolfin Carrier and you are back fishing.
The Dolfin Carrier makes downrigger fishing fun and easy. 

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Perfect circles from 1" to 26" every time!
The JCA Circle-Cutting Attachment
can be used with the acetylene torch and the plasma cutting machines. For plasma circle cutting place the aluminum attachment into the acetylene torch tip hole of the JCA Circle Cutting Attachment.
Add to your welding supplies.

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